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Dental Implants Manhattan NYC - Dentist

At Marc J. Beshar Dentistry in Manhattan, NYC, dental implants by Dr. Beshar are the ultimate way to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are permanently fused to a patient’s jaw bone, so they never shift out of position or need to be replaced like other tooth replacement options. What’s more, we work with one of the nation’s premier dental laboratories, so our patients can be confident that their custom crafted replacement teeth will match their natural teeth so closely that they will be virtually indistinguishable from each other. We encourage our present and prospective patients to use this site to learn more about dental implants and our Manhattan, NYC practice. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve a smile that is healthy, strong, and beautiful for a lifetime!

Dental Implants: The Basics

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are permanently implanted in the jaw and fitted with natural-looking replacement teeth for a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. When compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants from our Manhattan, NYC dentist offer a number of benefits:

Implant Benefits:

  • Dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth
  • Dental implants are permanent and never need to be replaced
  • Dental implants will never shift, slip, move, or loosen
  • Dental implants can help prevent bone loss and gum recession
  • Dental implants don’t cause gum irritation like dentures do
  • Dental implants are maintenance-free

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Meet Dr. Beshar and the friendly team at Marc J. Beshar Dentistry.

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Dental Implants

With dental implants, our patients enjoy smiles that are healthy, strong, and beautiful.

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Financing Options

We offer a number of convenient dental implants payment and financing options.

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Contact us in Manhattan, NYC for a dental implants consultation with Dr. Beshar.

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Contact Us in Manhattan, NYC for Dental Implants and More

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to learn more about your tooth replacement options, Dr. Beshar and our team at Marc J. Beshar Dentistry would love the opportunity to meet with you personally and show you why dental implants at our Manhattan, NYC practice are the ultimate restorative dentistry solution. To schedule your dental implants consultation with Dr. Beshar, contact us today.